Author: Stephen

What’s next for UFC 228’s winning fighters?

One of the better Pay-Per-View events of the year from top-to-bottom took place on Saturday in Dallas, Texas. UFC 228 had incredible fights all card long. The three women’s fights did not fail to produce (as usual). Continue reading “What’s next for UFC 228’s winning fighters?”

What’s next for the women of #UFC223?

All six women who fought on the UFC 223 card got through what was one of the most hectic fights weeks in MMA history. With all of the drama that ensued leading up to fight day, none of the women’s fights were in jeopardy of being scrapped.

Now that the fights are over, where do the six fighters go from here? WMMA Rankings can help the UFC matchmakers figure out what to do next! Continue reading “What’s next for the women of #UFC223?”

Fights to make in Bellator’s flyweight division

Bellator’s Women’s Flyweight division has a ton of young talent. Champion Ilima-Lei Macfarlane is at the top of Bellator’s Flyweight mountain looking down. With so much talent in the division where does Bellator go next? These are four fights Bellator should make in the coming months. Continue reading “Fights to make in Bellator’s flyweight division”