Author: Jill

#WMMADebate: Trash talk…bullying or tactic?

“You know what?,” Joanna Jedrzejczyk asked Rose Namajunas on the UFC 217 conference call. “I think you have some personal problems. And I will show you what your problem is. You’re never going to become champion.” The tense nature of this conversation could be felt through the phone as Namajunas defelected JJ’s verbal jabs. This exchange sparked a debate commonly talked about in MMA– how far is too far? Trash talking or bullying?

Below, Nick and Jill of the WMMA Ranking’s panel give their takes on the role trash talking plays in MMA.
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The Subtleties of Women’s MMA and Weight Cutting

Ahhh, weight cutting. Some call it barbaric, and others call it essential to maintaining a competitive edge. Like it or not, it’s embedded into the dynamics of MMA competition. It contributes to the drama of MMA culture as well (Did Joanna’s weight cut really affect her performance against Rose, or as so many people suggest, is it just a silly excuse for an embarrassing loss?). Adding to the multiple layers of complexity is the fact that women’s weight-cutting experiences differ greatly from those of men. Continue reading “The Subtleties of Women’s MMA and Weight Cutting”

Four atomweights who deserve your attention

Atomweights don’t get the attention they deserve in the grand scheme of the MMA world. Without divisions in big promotions like the UFC and Bellator, talent in this weight class is often overlooked. It’s a shame, because these athletes are pretty incredible. Continue reading “Four atomweights who deserve your attention”