Ashlee Evans-Smith wants top ten ranked flyweight opponent in next bout

Ashlee Evans-Smith may be coming off of one win after two straight losses, but she is confident in her game enough to want a ranked opponent for her next fight.

Evans-Smith (6-3), who defeated Bec Rawlings by unanimous decision at UFC 223, knew her job might be on the line if she lost three straight. Her previous fights were bantamweight division losses to Ketlen Vieira (unanimous decision) and Sarah Moras (armbar submission). And even with the win, she feels that she could have performed much better.

She told the media post-fight, “I would like to be able to string my striking and my grappling together a lot more. I think my striking won the fight, which is ironic because I’m a grappler by nature. I’m happy that I got the win, but I have a lot – a lot – to learn.”

Even so, her performance does not dampen her desire to fight tougher competition. “Bec wasn’t ranked, so I feel like it might be kind of cocky of me to be like, ‘Give me a top ten person,’ but I’m going to say it because I believe I’m that good,” Evans-Smith says. “I want a top ten person because I just want to keep on moving up the rankings.”

She continued, “A few more fights, and I believe I’ll be in title contention,” Evans-Smith said. “I have amazing people that I work with, and the championship is in the near future.”

Check out Ashlee’s full post-fight interview below, courtesy of MMA Junkie!


Who should the UFC match Evans-Smith with next? Does she deserve a top ten opponent?



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  1. um, i saw questionable fight IQ by ash. She did several backward spin kicks which were very slow, she was trying a “cool move” but a real opponent (bec rawlings is not a real MMA fighter) would have taken advantage of it. I think she needs to fight and beat a low ranked opponent and develop further.

  2. UFC Women’s Flyweight division has a Top 10? (lol) Their weak division just started, so how in the world could they even have a Top 10?

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