Ashlee Evans-Smith on Bec Rawlings: “My coaches are unimpressed with her, she’s definitely not a fighter that’s ever evolving”

Ashlee Evans-Smith will make her flyweight debut on April 7 when she battles Bec Rawlings on the UFC 223 early preliminary card. 

Evans-Smith admits game planning has been easier than usual for her upcoming fight against Rawlings.

Smith (5-3) believes she has been undersized for the bantamweight division and feels as though fans will see her true potential at 125-pounds. The 30-year-old is not impressed with her upcoming opponent in Rawlings, she believes the Australian is not evolving as a fighter and admits game planning has been a lot “easier” than normal for this fight.

I don’t do a lot of tape study,” she said. “But all my coaches and all my friends, even teammates, they watch her, and they’re pretty unimpressed with her performance. She doesn’t change much from fight to fight. It’s just kind of the same person.

Maybe she has a little more oomph in her punches, but she’s not growing as a fighter, I don’t think. And that’s definitely not good with how fast our sport is growing and how quickly women and men are being cut. She’s definitely not a fighter that’s ever evolving, and it definitely makes our game planning easier.

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Fight fans, do you agree with Evans-Smith? Is Bec Rawlings failing to evolve as a fighter? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.


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