Ashlee Evans-Smith rips into ‘embarrassing’ and ‘raunchy’ Bec Rawlings, explains why ‘she’s given MMA a bad name’

Ashlee Evans-Smith is not a fan of Bec Rawlings, she believes her upcoming opponent gives MMA a bad name.

Evans-Smith is not a fan of upcoming opponent Bec Rawlings.

Smith (5-3) will make her flyweight debut on April 7’s UFC 223 early preliminary card. The “Rebel Girl” believes she has been undersized at bantamweight and is confident she has the ability to become a world champion when fighting against women in the 125-pound weight-class.

The 30-year-old has previously revealed that her coaches are “unimpressed” with her upcoming opponent, Bec Rawlings, admitting that gameplanning has been “easier” than normal for this fight. However, in a recent interview with Fightful’s James Lynch, Smith didn’t hold back and revealed exactly why she doesn’t like Rawlings.

I just don’t like the girl that much at all. She’s a really bad depiction and role model for women’s MMA. She’s raunchy to put it lightly. She uses sexuality way too much. I’ve posted a few risque pictures, but she overdoes it. It’s shocking to me, she has children, too. My nickname is ‘rebel girl,’ and I’d love to cuss all the time and post pictures that are a bit risque, but I don’t because there are boys and girls that look up to us. I take that into consideration and I don’t think so at all. I think she’s given MMA a bad name in general,” said Evans-Smith.

She’s kind of a shit talker, and a lot of the time she can’t back it up, which is embarrassing to me. Sometimes I wanna talk trash, but then I’m like ‘ooh, it’s MMA, anything can happen.’ I’m not gonna talk trash in this fight and get spinning heel kicked and look like an [idiot]” she continued.

UFC 223 takes place on April 7 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, United States. The early preliminary card featuring Rawlings vs. Evans-Smith will be aired live on UFC Fight Pass from 6:15pm EST.



  1. Says the girl who dated and defended a known woman beater and has a drug failure suspension under her belt. Like she’s one to talk…

  2. Could we have a link to all risqué and raunchy pictures of both of them so we can decide for ourselves who is giving MMA a bad name?

  3. lmao. first off, she is NOT undersized at 135, she is one of the bigger ones on that roster. secondly, she is not good enough to be champ in any divisions, she sucks. her only UFC wins were a blatant robbery and a win over an actual flyweight (Macedo) who is truly undersized at 135.

    Ashlee failed a drug test, looks like she crawled out of a punk rock trash den herself, and she dated the scum who beat on Bec and other women. it’s just ugly when unremarkable fighters talk up a bunch of noise. and I hate this rather pathetic weight bully mindset. Bec came up in weight and was already overpowered by Clark. now someone the size of both them together wants to try to bully people around, lol. no miracle can make Evans-Smith a UFC champion or top 10 fighter. she just not good enough, period. yawn.

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