Arlene Blencowe wants Cris Cyborg to feel her power and aggression, calls out the dominant Brazilian

It was recently announced that UFC featherweight superstar Cris Cyborg has been cleared from her anti-doping violation, which leaves her free to compete. Since the revelation, many fighters have been less than keen to accept a fight with the dominant Brazilian

Blencowe wants Cris Cyborg!

However, it now appears somebody is indeed ready to fight Cris Cyborg. Top ten ranked Australian standout, Arlene Blencowe, has revealed she is down for the fight which nobody else wants. The former world boxing champion reveals she plans to reverse the roles and make Cyborg feel her power and aggression.

Cyborg is a very dominant fighter. She stamps her dominance with her aggression and power. I would like to test her and reverse the roles. Make her feel my power and aggression.

Blencowe would no doubt be one of Cyborg’s toughest opponents to date if the pair fight. Blencowe is a former world champion boxer who has never lost a fight by way of strikes in her MMA career, in fact she holds several TKO as well as KO wins of her own. The Australian would certainly be able to test the dominant UFC star, particularly if the fight is standing.

Although the 33-year-old is keen to fight the Brazilian, she admits she is a fan and is very happy about the recent news that she will be cleared.

I think it’s great that she has been cleared. When I heard the news I was disappointed for her as she had been such a huge advocate in getting the female featherweight division introduced into the UFC. It was a shame that she wasn’t able to contest the first championship fight herself.

What do you think fight fans? Is Cris Cyborg VS Arlene Blencowe the next fight to make? Who would win? Let us know in the comments section below.


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  1. She’s not gonna fight this girl. They aren’t in the same league. At best she’d be a tune-up but it will be a short night

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