Angela Magana rips into Cris Cyborg’s BFF Gabi Garcia, challenges her to a boxing match

UFC strawweight Angela Magana has been making headlines this week after it emerged that she was involved in an altercation with Cris Cyborg at the recent UFC Athlete Retreat this past weekend.

Cyborg approached Magana, outside of the fighter hotel, about several derogatory posts that she shared about Cris. During a heated verbal exchange between the two, Cyborg struck Magana.

Since then, there have been several reports regarding the altercation. Magana was said to be pressing charges, and Cyborg was allegedly cited for a misdemeanor. Most recently, Dana White weighed in on the incident. With Magana even challenging Cyborg to a jiu jitsu match.

Now the 33-year-old Magana has decided to direct her social media abuse at Cris Cyborg’s best friend who also happens to be the number one heavyweight fighter in the world, Gabi Garcia. In a series of derogatory social media posts, Magana has slammed the Brazilian for her choice of opponents, claims she will have a heart attack by the age of 40 and lots more. Take a look below.


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