Angela Lee wants Joanna Jedrzejczyk, says the UFC champ’s previous opponents have been “kind of a mismatch”

ONE atomweight world champion Angela Lee has her sights set on a superfight with UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk. It should be noted that unlike most organizations, ONE refers to their 115-pound weight class as the “atomweight division”, so both women are undefeated world champions in the same weight class.

Lee has her sights set on a superfight with Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Last month, Lee (8-0) defended her title against Isela Nunes. After her third straight title win, Lee is thinking about a potential superfight with the UFC world champion.

I would be all for it,” Lee said. “I’m very excited about that idea. If it was up to the fighters, anyone would be up for fighting anyone. It’s just because of the organizations and what goes on that side of things. I don’t know if that would be a realistic thing in the near future, but for me, as a fighter, I’d be all for it fighting a UFC champion, I think it would be a great opportunity and I think the fans would love it.

I’m confident in my skills. Joanna looks really great when she is fighting all these other girls that are kind of a mismatch. But I feel my skill set brings a whole different look to it. I think it would be a good fight.

I know ONE are constantly growing the women’s division, my weight class as well as the one above me. They are constantly recruiting fighters from different organizations. Who knows, my next fight could be someone from ONE Championship or could be with someone from another organization, I’m not sure.

Fight fans, what do you think? Is a superfight between Angela Lee and Joanna Jedrzejczyk something you would like to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. Kind of a mismatch? Wasn’t Carla Esparza champion? Didn’t she win a tournament (the Ultimate Fighter) to claim the title? Wasn’t Claudia Gadalhea a worthy opponent? I think Ms Lee is sorely mistaken

    1. Carla was a mismatch; much in the same way Rousey was for Holm. Not saying Rousey was not good, it’s just that her short-comings were tailored made for a good striker. Same with Carla, which is why she is no longer in the top 5 in a division dominated by good strikers. Unfortunately for Angela, I would put her in the same category as Carla – excellent ground game but a still developing striking game. I would not think she would stand much pf a chance with any one currently in the top 5 at 115 and her taking on JJ would be painful to watch. She best hope that most of them move up to 125 by the time she’s ready to fight in the UFC. In the meantime, work on that striking and head movement.

  2. First thing first, they are not i the same division : One Championship don’t allow weight cut.
    Joanna and Angela are then in two divisions.
    Then Angela is one of the best female MMA fighter in Asia but she is known to miss weight. One makes “behind close doors” weight-in.
    I think Angela should face a former UFC top female fighter to be able to call for a title in UFC. Maybe on the local seen, she could face a Jewel or Roadfc champion.

    1. One Championship does allow weight cuts. They just try to minimize extreme weight cuts by requiring fighters to be within 10 pounds of their targeted weight the week of the fight. In Angela’s case, she should be no more than 115 pounds the week of the fight. I’m not sure how that is monitored, however.

      So although one claims to fight at atomweight (Angela) and the other at strawweight (JJ), they both must weigh no more than 115 pounds the night before the fight. Are you saying Angela has been weighing in at more than 115 pounds the week of the fight. and if so, do you have a source or is this just conjecture on your part?

      I’d still like to see her face Tiffany Teo, Michelle Nicolini and Gina Iniong at One and Weili Zhang, the Kunlun Fight MMA strawweight champ; Ayaka Hamasaki, Invicta FC’s atomweight champ; Deep Jewels’ AW champ, Mina Kurobe and Mizuki Inoue, the Deep Jewels SW champ, before facing the UFC champ, especially if that champ is JJ. Others that are at least part Asian that I’d like her to take on are Jinh Yu Frey (part Korean), Seo Hee Ham and Chan-Mi Jeon. For her entry into the UFC, Michelle Waterson would be an excellent choice.

    1. JJ’s last 4 opponents would probably be mismatches for Angela as well, but not in Angela’s favor. It would appear that Angela still has a ways to go before she’s ready for the UFC’s upper echelon. She’s incredibly talented for someone so young but there’s no need to rush it.

  3. Angela fights at 115, her organization calls it atomweight, joanna fights at 115, her organization calls it strawweight. Joanna would knock her the bleep out at this stage, no contest, Angela is not even top 10 at 115, yet

    1. The difference between One and the UFC, though, is that Angela supposedly has to weigh no more than 115 the entire week of the fight including the day of the fight. JJ only has to make weight the day before the fight. Unfortunately, Angela has been fighting mostly true atomweights that have to add weight while she should be a strawweight I’d be curious as to how well and how her weight is monitored.

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