Angela Lee – A look at the rise of the undefeated ONE atomweight champion

Angela Lee (7-0) ONE Atomweight Champion

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Angela Lee ONE’s Atomweight Champion (Credit to ONE FC For The Upload Via Their Facebook Page)

Who is Angela Lee? She’s the ONE Atomweight Champion that’s who! ONE is the WORLD’s biggest MMA Promotion in all of Asia! She’s an insanely scrappy fighter with 5 of her wins by submission even hitting a STUNNING Twister on Natalie Hill! The other finish she showed VERY impressive striking against the always dangerous and entertaining grappler in Jenny Huang (TKO and out-cold). Since her ONE Debut, she has been making WAVES in not only ONE FC, but in all of MMA. She’s the youngest champion in any major MMA Promotion, EVER (20 years of age).

What makes Angela Lee so like-able to fans? Let’s break this down because she’s my favorite fighter, toDAY.

Let’s start by breaking down her very impressive record, she’s a very entertaining fighter as earlier stated with 5 VERY entertaining Submissions and 1 SAVAGE TKO. She started her career as an amateur and debuted on (8/3/14) for Destiny Na Koa with an Armlock Submission. She would later fight at another regional called “X-1” where she would face Jada Pereira, and then her last amateur bout against Audrey Perkins in which she would win Via Armlock (Submission).

You can catch her MMA Debut against Monica Franco here

(Credit to UNITED MMA for Upload)

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(Lee’s Juji-Gatame on Saber) (Credit to ONE FC for the Upload Via Their Facebook Page)

Angela Lee Vs. Aya Saied Saber

After three back-to-back victories as an amateur, she caught the eyes of #1 MMA Promotion in Asia, ONE FC. From here, this is where her career started to explode. She’d make her ONE Debut against Aya Saied Saber (at the time 3-5) in which Angela Lee would destroy, dismantle, and showcase some of the most beautiful grappling technique in all of MMA. After this, she caught the eyes of me & many other fans. From here, she showcased in her Pro Debut that she is a very entertaining grappler and is a finisher.

You can watch her Pro Debut here (Credit to ONE FC for the Upload)

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(Lee with Ground-n-Pound on Samir) (Credit to One FC for the Upload Via Their Facebook Page)

Angela Lee Vs. Mona Samir

She would next make her Second Pro Fight against a Pro Debuting Mona Samir in which she would win by submission.

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(Lee’s Career Defining Victory with a Twister) (Credit to ONE FC for The Upload Via Their Facebook Page)

Angela Lee Vs. Natalie Hills

Here’s where things get VERY entertaining and imho helped make her a growing star is when she fought Natalie Hills (at the time 2-2 as a professional). She would take this to the ground like she does most of her fights, and hit a BEAUTIFUL Textbook Scissor Sweep. From here, she’d display elite grappling with Top Control and wind up hitting a career defining Twister!! A very rare submission to hit, especially in MMA! Because of this rare submission, fans took notice sharing the rare submission on social media and even hit Media Outlets alike.

From here, she was gaining momentum in being one of the best Female Fighters in the WORLD gaining attention from fans and media alike. She would also be backed by ONE FC very well after this. She’s seen as their “star”, and rightfully so, especially after this legendary win of her career.

Angela Lee’s Career Defining Twister on Natalie Hills can be watched here (Credit to ONE for The Upload)

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(Lee about to tell Lena to “Take Flight/Lift Off”) (Credit to ONE FC for The Upload Via Their Facebook Page)

Angela Lee Vs. Lena Tkhorevska

After this, she would move onto her fourth Pro Fight against Lena Tkhorevska which she would BRUTALLY slam her foe onto her back and later get the submission in Round 2 showcasing her brutal top control in grappling.

Watch Angela Lee’s Fourth Fight Here (Credit to SEL for The Upload)

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(Lee victorious against Heintzman) (Credit to ONE FC For The Upload Via Their Facebook Page)

Angela Lee Vs. Rebecca Heintzman

She would move onto her Fifth Fight in ONE FC against Rebecca Heintzman. She would show amazing grappling display by hitting an Outside Leg Trip where she would later hit a BEAUTIFUL Juji-Gatame/Armbar fighting off her back.

Watch Angela Lee’s Fifth Fight Here (Credit to Esporte Interativo for The Upload)

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(Angela Lee Victorious after her FotY Contender fighting Mei Yamaguchi) (Credit to ONE FC For The Upload Via Their Facebook Page)

Angela Lee Vs. Mei Yamaguchi (Vacant ONE Atomweight Title)

With this we come to one of the best fights you will ever see her fight in as of this typing, a MUST see fight. She would face longtime Top Atomweight and very very hard hitting Mei Yamaguchi.

In this fight, she showed just how really really tough she is. She got a leg kick caught by V.V Yamaguchi to which she put Lee in defense fighting off of her back, but she’s grappled for so long and reversed it with great hip base. In Round 3, she would get dropped by an inSANELY very hard Right Hook that BRUTALLY snapped Lee’s Head dropping her in the process, and then she would later recover very quickly.

That Right Hook would’ve knocked ANYbody out had it landed directly on the jaw which it did Angela Lee. To this day, I STILL wonder how on EARTH she toughed that out!!!

To this day, it remains her toughest fight to date, and that’s saying something because most of her foes (like the next) have been DESTROYED by her.

She would win ONE’s Atomweight Belt after this FotY Contender.

Angela Lee’s FotY Contender Fight With Mei Yamaguchi (Credit to ONE for The Upload)

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Angela Lee Showcasing her stunning stand-up game against Huang (Credit to ONE FC for the Upload via their Facebook Page)

Angela Lee Vs. Jenny Huang (First Title Defense)

We next move onto her first ever title defense, and her Seventh Fight in the always very very dangerous grappler and entertaining fighter in Jenny Huang (Was 5-0 at the time). In this fight, I predicted this fight to take place on the ground….. boooooooooy was I wrong!!! Angela Lee DOMINATED with some very very scary striking. Seeing the fight, you can TELL she throws her hands, HARD. She hit Huang once that buckled her knees (Nearly dropping her), and would later KO Huang out-COLD with vicious Ground-n-Pound.

Not only after her first title defense, she showcased just how AMAZING she truly IS, skillwise. She’s finished Nine of her opponents and mostly by submission, but after this, she showcased that she is someone who throws VERY heavy hands and is NOT afraid to stand-up with foes. Though Huang is mostly known as a grappler, it’s worth noting Angela Lee hands were thrown HARD in the fight, and that can’t be denied.

You can view her first Title Defense Here (Credit to thairath for The Upload)

Who’s Next for Angela?

After her win, she would get an opponent announcement real quick, and I mean like DC Comics Flash Quick. Her next opponent is Istela Nunes (6-0), and you can catch this fight at ONE’s iPPV on their site. The fight is stated on (5/26/17). If this article doesn’t give you a reason to watch this fight because of Angela Lee alone…. I don’t know WHAT to tell you, ahaha!

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Angela Lee (Left) alongside her brother (Right) Christian Lee (Credit to ONE FC For The Upload Via Their Facebook Page)
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Angela Lee giving those in need food (Credit to ONE FC For The Upload Via Their Facebook Page)

Besides her very scrappy skillset, she comes across a very genuine human being A Family First and always thanking them before herself. Her brother (Christian Lee) is also a fighter in which they always train with one another. She’s super relateable as in a person we can all relate to. She has a very nice smile, and comes across very intelligent and professional outside the cage. When it’s Fight Day….. she throws that allllll out and straight goes She-Hulk on her foes, ahahah!

Because of this, she comes across a person who is nice to everyone, not afraid to defend herself and her family. All of this makes her one of my Top 10 Favorite fighters toDAY.

Also, she trains with some of the BEST MMA (Mixed Martial Artist) toDAY. She’s just too kind, and there needs to be more like her. If there’s any inspiring MMA out there, take notes after her!

She also trains at Evolve MMA who sports some of the BEST fighters toDAY. Some come out just to train at Evolve MMA. Notable names include feared grappling great, Shinya Aoki, Elite Wrestler Ben Askren, and even once trained alongside by Former UFC Lightweight (155) Champion, Rafael Dos Anjos who now is moving up to 170.

With this knowledge, she brings it all in the cage to unleash on her opponents making more fans in the process.

Being the youngest champion of a major MMA Promotion, ONE has taken exceptionally well care of her, and they market her as such. she is hands down their biggest star. A person has to wonder where her career goes from here. I can only think so high that it reaches the stars! Again, she is the star for ONE FC The Worlds #1 Promotion in MMA for Asia, a HUGE market that is ONLY growing at an insane rate!

The only way she can be seen as the FUTURE of MMA is if she fights overseas at bigger promotions such as Invicta or The UFC. I don’t condone that because she’s already being treated very well by ONE, and like I earlier stated, ONE has a HUGE market in Asia, and it’s HUGE. She’s already one of the biggest stars in MMA toDAY.

I hope you all enjoyed it, and if you didn’t know Angela Lee now, I can only HOPE this persuades you to be her fan/support her by buying her fights Via ONE iPPV!

To support Angela Lee and ONE FC, you can buy their events here

From there, go to LiveStream Tab, and whenever Angela Lee is fighting, purchase the event there.

Writer’s comments: I hope you all enjoyed this 10+ hour article, and she’s one of my Top 10 Favorite Fighters today, PERIOD. Outside the cage, you see a wonderful human being with great eye-contact to judge, and she carries herself very kind and professional outside of the cage too. When it’s Fight Day, she unleashes everything she’s learned with EVOLVE MMA on her foes.

She’s one of the most entertaining fighters today who is constantly improving with each fight. Before she was seen as a very entertaining and dangerous grappler, but since she defeated Huang, we might be seeing the future of one of the most well-rounded Mixed Martial Artists today!

It was honor to cover her career as I’ve been watching since she debuted with ONE in 2015. Never would I have thought she would’ve pulled The Twister!

I hope you all enjoyed it, and most of all, I hope I expanded new fans knowledge by introducing them to a new fighter to give fan support and watch their fights!

Without you the fan, promotions, fighters, and MMA in general would be NOTHING where it is today with its’ popularity.

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