August 12, 2020

Angela Hill reveals what she believes is reason for recent success, plans to take more short-notice fights

Angela Hill picked up a big win at this past Saturday’s UFC Auckland event, defeating Loma Lookboonmee via unanimous decision.

Angela Hill earned the decision win over Loma Lookboonmee at UFC Auckland.

The victory puts Hill on a three-fight win streak, after picking up impressive finishes over Hannah Cifers and Ariane Carnelossi in her previous two showings.

(The win) made me feel great,” Hill said on the ESPN+ post-fight show. “I feel awesome. It made me get over this mental health hump. I feel like I was able to perform after getting tons of support from fans and it just felt like my momentum is climbing.

I definitely felt like my muay Thai was on display,” Hill said. “I had to evolve my style. I had to change things up a bit and go from a straightforward muay Thai fighter to an MMA fighter. I felt like this was definitely a fight that could really showcase that evolution.”

Prior to gaining her recent three-fight win streak, ‘Overkill’ had lost three of her last four. The 34-year-old says a change in mindset is what has attributed to her recent success.

I just think getting in there, believing in myself, being able to put my losses behind me, and carry that into the cage with me,” Hill said. “I feel like a lot of times I’d have that weight of the fear of losing. It would just cripple me in there and make me not open up.

“I just had to get back on the horse. I had to get back in there, keep fighting, keep winning, and just believing in myself a little bit more. I feel like that’s what’s showing now.”

Hill has fought an incredible six times in just eleven months, taking a number of very short-notice fights in the process. The TUF 20 alumni says she wants her legacy to be a memorable one and plans to take even more short-notice bouts.

I’ve always wanted to be one of those fighters that everyone just mentions,” Hill said. “Everyone thinks of this person or that person. To be coming up, because I know I’m not there yet, but to be on my way there, is such a huge motivator for me. It’s going to make me keep calling for those short notice fights (and) keep staying in shape. (I’ll be) staying active and learning and becoming a better fighter.”

Fight fans, what did you think of Hill’s recent performance? Who would you like to see her fight next? Let us know in the comments section below.


5 thoughts on “Angela Hill reveals what she believes is reason for recent success, plans to take more short-notice fights

  1. the ufc prolly doesn’t like her all that much (quirky laugh, not overtly sexy, not the “sexy black chick UFC fighter” that would help ratings,
    but she is dependable to make weight and step up, and keep it standing for the most part (unless she faces a wrestler). angie is cool for me.

    1. “not the sexy black chick UFC fighter”. I don’t even know where to begin with this ! LOL , For one, it’s a little strange that you even had to mention her race.

      1. Joolz has form for often writing exactly that kind of nonsense around here — hoping for women not to be objectified/fetishized on a site like this is evidently too much to hope for. 😐

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