Angela Hill: “No one wants to fight me and I know why”

Angela “Overkill” Hill (8-4) returns to the Octagon after a six-month layoff to face Cortney “Cast Iron” Casey (7-6) on the main card of the UFC Fight Night card in Lincoln, Nebraska. She’s pretty sure she knows why she had to wait so long for between fights. She says:

Nobody wants to fight a tough fight with a person who is not ranked very high, who is not going to get them closer to a title shot, and I’m that fight. Anyone who is a tough fight who is either not ranked or ranked pretty low, it’s not a good business decision. So I feel like that’s probably the reason why I have to wait so long.”

She was originally scheduled to fight Alexa Grasso, but Grasso was forced out with an injury. While Hill is glad to get a fight with anyone, she has a particular interest in fighting Grasso:


“Grasso has a name, she has followers, she has an entire country behind her, so I was really excited about kicking her face in, because it’s a fight that’s been on the table a long time, going back to Invicta. (She’s) always had that hype, that push. She’s always had the UFC behind her watching her every step and I feel like it would be fun to beat on the spoiled kid. You know, if you’re like the middle child and the other sibling gets all the attention, you want to beat them up and that’s how I felt about Grasso. I was excited to get that fight. Unfortunately it fell out, she has a history of getting injured. I don’t know if it’s the way she trains or she’s just injury prone. So I was pretty disappointed, but I wasn’t surprised when she pulled out of the fight.”

However, she maintains that she’s sufficiently motivate to fight Casey. She says: “with Casey, she’s just as tough, she’s not a name, but she’s definitely fought some names. So a win over her will definitely be a boost for my career and help me get towards a title shot, which is my end goal, always.”

What do you think? Who takes the fight? Hill or Casey?





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  1. These two are well matched. I could see it going either way, but I think Angela’s striking will give her the edge. Win or lose, I would like to see Angela matched up with Weili Zhang.

  2. Wow! 1-3 in her first UFC stint, and now 2-3 ib her second UFC stint and she thinks no 8ne wants to fight her. Yeah………right.

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