Andrea Lee and Montana De La Rosa helping Amanda Cooper prepare upcoming fight with Ashley Yoder

Amanda Cooper is taking all means necessary to prepare for her fight with Ashley Yoder at UFC Fight Night 139 on November 10.

Months ago, the camp of UFC strawweight Amanda Bobby Cooper (3-4), Scorpion Fighting Systems, hinted that she would have some help from an outside fighter for her upcoming fight with Ashley Yoder (5-4).

Here’s one mention of it on their Instagram account.

All of Cooper’s professional losses have been by submission and all but one of Yoder’s wins have been by submission. Therefore, it seemed likely that whoever was coming to train with her would be a ground specialist or someone who was adept at ground fighting. As it turns out, she was joined by not one, but two fighters skilled in BJJ.

One was UFC flyweight Montana De La Rosa (9-4), who has all but one of her wins by submission:

Another, perhaps more spontaneous source of help was provided by Andrea “KGB” Lee (9-2), who also joined ABC at SFS for training:

KGB has four professional wins by submission and is known for her well-rounded fighting style. The visit was perhaps sparked by her recent and unfortunate situation involving her husband and trainer, Donny Aaron, who is currently a fugitive charged with physically assaulting Lee. Also of note is that Andy “The CrAsian” Nguyen, is also in the above photo. Nguyen also trained under Aaron, lived with Lee and Aaron, and reported the domestic abuse case to the police.

One thing is certain: Cooper and SFS brought into two of the best WMMA ground fighters to assist her with preparation against the “Spider Monkey.” Only time will tell how much she was able to benefit from their insight.

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