Andrea “KGB” Lee talks hectic 2018, upcoming fight with Jessica-Rose Clark

For UFC flyweight fighter Andrea “KGB” Lee, 2018 has been,  to quote Charles Dickens, “the best of times and the worst of times.”

In May, she made her highly anticipated UFC debut against Veronica Macedo, which resulted in a unanimous decision victory. Shortly after that, Lee posted on social media a photo of herself and her husband/trainer Donny Aaron, which resulted in controversy due to the clearly visible swastika tattoo on Aaron’s arm. While apologies where offered, Lee was at times defensive, which further exacerbated the controversy.

Then in August came the worst situation yet. Aaron was charged with domestic violence, battery, and false imprisonment toward Lee based on a police report filed by their housemate and fellow WMMA fighter Andy “The Crasian” Nguyen. Aaron is currently a fugitive from justice and is wanted for by the Shreveport, Louisiana police.

On an edition of the “Slip n’ Dip” podcast, Lee addressed these incidents. Regarding the fallout about Aaron’s Nazi tattoos, Lee said,

“Anytime there’s something to talk about, people just love to, I guess, bring other people down. Saying I’m not deserving of a UFC contract because of particular things. … It’s just crazy. But I’ve gotten through that, and I’ve gotten on to some other, more serious matters”

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The serious matters Lee was referring to was the domestic incident between herself and Aaron. She went on to say:

“That, to me, everything that’s happening between me and my husband, Donny, I didn’t want that to get out into the news like it did…Everybody who knows of me in the MMA community, who watches the UFC, reads the updates and stuff, and just reads all the articles, it’s embarrassing,” Lee said. “I would’ve preferred to have kept all of that my personal, private business. It’s my life, and the way that it got out in the media just kind of sucks.”

She continued to express regret that Nguyen’s comments make it difficult to pursue normalcy, especially since Lee and Aaron have a child:

“(Nguyen) did say some things that I would’ve preferred things not to have been said, because it’s just hard for me, because of my little girl. Donny and I, we have a daughter together. Regardless of everything that happened, he’s still her dad. And him and I and his family, we’re still going to have to cope with each other. We’re going to get along for the sake of (our daughter). And hopefully, we can be friends. I mean, I’m a forgiving person. A lot of the stuff that the media, the media they took the things that Andy said and twisted it to fit their story.”

Lee (9-2) is hoping that her career moves forward with a victory over Jessica “Jessy Jess” Rose-Clark (9-5) in December on the UFC on Fox 31 card, but she doesn’t want to rush anything

“If I get a win, it’ll move me into the top 10, but there are still other females that I’m going to have to get through before I get that opportunity. But that means I’m on the right track. I just got to keep winning. I don’t want a title shot anytime soon with the contract that I’m on right now. I want to be able to renegotiate my contract for the title shot. I’d like to just hold off a little bit.”

Here’s hoping that Lee will be able to concentrate on her MMA career and that all of the recent drama will not distract or detract from it.

Veteran martial arts writer also published in Black Belt and Fight! Magazine.

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  1. Seems to be a good person with a good attitude about life. I wish her success and hope that the politically correct crowd on social media will leave her alone. Most of them don’t like MMA in general.

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