Anastasia Gornostaeva (1-0) Vs. Eva Dourthe (0-0) – WWFC 6 Results

Anastasia Gornostaeva (1-0) Vs. Eva Dourthe (0-0) Flyweight (125lb’s) WWFC 6

Round 1

Both exchange with one another though it looks Eva connected with her hand harder than Anastasia (4:40). Anastasia is brawling wild with Eva, (3:59-3:37) both connecting with hands and knees against the fence, but Anastasia lands more. Man, Anastasia lands a NICE Overhand that connects on Eva backing her up against the cage (3:04).

They both clich with Eva landing some fairly nice knees to the body (2:20-2:11), and then throws Anastasia to the ground leaving her to defend off her back (2:10). Wooooow, nice scramble on the ground from both ladies! Eva has a Scarfhold Position on Anastasia and Anastasia uses her legs to eventually gain back her guard (2:00-1:43).

Back on their feet now, and Anastasia landed two nice hands (1:23-1:21). She then would land three more (1:15-1:11). Oh man, Anastasia lands a nice Right Hook that snapped Eva’s Head and would land two more afterwards (0:47-0:44).

Nothing significant lands throughout the rest of the round, good round. Give it to Anastasia though.

Round 2

The most hard shot of the fight was just landed by Anastasia with a very nice Straight Right Hand that snapped Eva’s Head back (4:08). They clinch, nothing happens (3:58-3:50), break, clinch again (3:29-3:22) Eva tried to trip Anastasia but misses.

They break (3:22), They clinch (2:52-2:22) nothing happens, they break clinch, Anastasia lands a nice Left Hand (1:55), Eva lands a nice knee to the body (1:22). Another hard Left lands by Anastasia snapping Eva’s Head (1:03).

Lands another but not as much impact as the one prior (0:29). Eva tries to roll Anastasia to defend off her back, but winds up having to defend off her back herself (0:26-0:10).

Round ends goes to Anastasia.

Round 3

They clinch (4:55-4:52), breaks. Eva lands a nice Overhand Right, but lands just behind the equilibrium, nothing significant in it nice mentioning though. Anastasia lands another nice Right Hook on Eva (2:07). Eva lands a fairly nice knee (1:44).

Anastasia lands a nice Right on Eva (1:19). Eva tried to brawl with Anastasia (0:29-0:23), but Anastasia landed four or five significant strikes to where Eva landed one. Good exchange though, nothing significant happens throughout the rest of the round.


Fairly good fight, this fight in my eyes goes to Anastasia, but let’s see what the judges think.


Winner – Eva Dourthe (1-0) by Unanimous Decision

Good back-n-forth fight, but I felt Anastasia won. She threw more and landed more, especially in significant strikes. Though Eva had her moments too. Both came out winners putting on good performances.

This fight was Streamed Live on WWFC’s YouTube Channel

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