Amanda Nunes says that Cris Cyborg’s fight deadline is “not fair”

Amanda Nunes insists she isn’t worried about Cris Cyborg and her issuance of a deadline for their anticipated superfight. The UFC Bantamweight Champion says that she is too busy concentrating on defending her title against Raquel “Rocky” Pennington at UFC 224. Nunes (15-4) told MMA Junkie, “Whatever she wants to say right now, she’s going to say. I don’t have anything to say right now. The UFC knows the truth. I don’t really care.”

“I can’t be waiting, maybe next month, maybe two months – no.  I’m going to fight the next contender. After that, I don’t know. I have a lot of contenders, and we’ll see what the best move is for my career. I’m not going to wait for anybody.”

This is in response to Cyborg’s ultimatum that if Nunes doesn’t fight her at UFC 226, Nunes will have to return to featherweight and climb up the ladder to get a shot at Cyborg’s title.

Nunes hasn’t completed closed the door on the Brazilian vs Brazilian contest, but expressed her concerns. “I’m in my camp right now. I’m going to lose weight for 135. My body is going to be small. Do you think I’m supposed to jump into another camp right after a fight? I don’t think that’s fair.” When you finish a fight, you have to rest and go on vacation and recover, and then do another camp. If you’re going to fight at 100 percent, especially go up one weight class, you really have to prepare to go up. And I need time.”

“If they give it to me, I have no problem to fight Cyborg. But I don’t think it’s fair if they want to make me fight right away. You want to give Cyborg a present, give me (the fight while I’m) small and just come off a camp and fought. I don’t think it’s fair.”

The rivalry continues to heat up.


What do you think? Does Nunes have a point about her weight, or should she be willing to fight Cyborg at UFC 226?


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  1. I’m not a big Nunes fan, but I think she’s right on this, especially when Cyborg wasn’t ready for a quick turn around against Nunes after her last fight. Let Cyborg take on Anderson while Nunes is addressing Pennington. The UFC 224 card could really use the help. Cyborg & Nunes could then face each other at UFC 227 or 228. Requiring Nunes to have to climb up the ranks at FW is pretty bogus, given that it’s pretty clear that Nunes could beat any of the FW contenders.

  2. Cris did a quick turnaround when she stepped up and fought Yana. She is always ready to fight. Amanda can go on vacation.
    She called out Cris in January. Pennington was hurt and in the process of recovering for their fight. Amanda knew Rocky was next up and would be a few months away from fighting, so she called out Cris. In March Dana laid out his plans to have Amanda face Cris instead. I understand why cyborg is ticked off, nunes made a big deal about calling her out and then backtracked and walked away from the fight.
    It’s not in Amanda’s best interest to fight Cris. She would get Smoked. She should stay in the 135-pound division and fight those contenders, but in the process quit talking about any potential fights with Cris.

    1. It was Nunes that wanted to face Cyborg at UFC 224 in May in Brazil but Cyborg said that was too soon after taking on Yana. Now that Nunes has lined up another opponent, Cris is saying do it in early July or get in the back of the line, which is nonsense. Cris claims that Nunes is not a big enough draw for her, but Nunes would certainly outdraw any other FW opponent that Cris could come up with.

    2. I absolutely agree, I think Amanda is trying g to come up all kinds off excuses not to fight Cris, she knows she will get her ass best so she is definately backtracking.

    1. She doesn’t do herself any favors by claiming “it’s not fair,” but to be honest, they both look a little silly with all their whining.

  3. I absolutely agree, I think Amanda is trying g to come up all kinds off excuses not to fight Cris, she knows she will get her ass beat so she is definately backtracking.

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