September 23, 2020

Amanda Nunes says boxing champ Claressa Shields wouldn’t even last one round against a low-ranked bantamweight in MMA

UFC president Dana White recently revealed that he could be interested in setting up a super fight between Amanda Nunes and boxing world champ, Claressa Shields. However, Nunes doesn’t seem to think Shields would be much of a challenge.

Nunes and her girlfriend, UFC strawweight Nina Ansaroff, were recently asked about a potential Claressa Shields fight during an interview with TMZ. ‘The Lioness’ says she is not interested in boxing and would only take the bout in MMA, she doesn’t think Shields stands a chance against her.

I’m not a boxer, I’m an MMA fighter. If I wanted to be a boxer, I would be.” Nunes said.

We can get a girl from low rank right now in 135 and put her to fight. [Shields] wouldn’t pass the 1st round.” she added.

Ansaroff went on to speak about how wrestling is more effective than boxing when it comes to MMA, she doesn’t believe Shields would be able to win enough fights on the regional scene to even make it to the UFC.

She would have to win enough fights to even get into the UFC to even see Amanda. I don’t think that’s possible. Because there’s girls now that are coming from a wrestling background.” Ansaroff said.

Take a look at Nunes’ and Ansaroff’s full discussion about a potential super fight against Shields in the video below, courtesy of TMZ:


4 thoughts on “Amanda Nunes says boxing champ Claressa Shields wouldn’t even last one round against a low-ranked bantamweight in MMA

  1. First, Claressa Shields fights at Middleweight in boxing, which is 154 pounds to 160 pounds. So her fighting at Bantamweight, which is 25 less than her boxing Middleweight weight limit makes no sense. Second, apparently Amanda Nunes just isn’t aware of Scott Coker and Rich Chou squash matching matchmaking. Those two can and would surely find a total “Can” opponent and more “Can” opponents for Claressa Shields to beat and look like a really good MMA prospect. Heck, Scott Coker and Rich Chou tandem is still feeding less than stellar opponents to MVP after 5 years of running Bellator.

  2. Shields should stay away from MMA for her own good. To be fair, if it’s boxing Shields would of course beat Nunes. But it’s like saying that since Roger Federer is great at tennis he can therefore also beat the best guy at badminton. It’s insane. If anything Nunes would do better at boxing than Shields would at MMA because boxing is a part of MMA, but wrestling is not a part of boxing. So shields would have to start from zero to get into MMA while Nunes would start from, say, five or six to get into boxing. That’s not good enough to beat someone like Shields, but at least she wouldn’t embarrass herself.

  3. No lies detected from The Lioness. Even if the bout were to happen at Featherweight it’d be a complete waste of everyone’s time. I hope this ‘story’ dies a quick and quiet death, tbh.

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