Amanda Nunes does not want to wait until May for Raquel Pennington, she wants to defend her belt sooner

UFC bantamweight queen Amanda Nunes has revealed that she is keen to defend her belt as soon as possible and does not want to wait until May 2018 for Raquel Pennington to return.

Nunes wants to defend her belt as soon as possible.

The champion tweeted that whilst she is happy about Pennington’s recent announcement, she wants to fight someone before that.

That is awesome but I need someone before that.” Nunes wrote, in response to a tweet about Raquel’s announcement.

Nunes (15-4-0) is the reigning UFC bantamweight champion who most recently defended her belt against Valentina Shevchenko. She owns notable victories over some of MMA’s greatest ever athletes including Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, Julia BuddSara McMann and Germaine de Randamie.

WMMA Bantamweight World Rankings

Fight fans, who would you like to see Nunes face next? Let us know in the comments section below.



  1. amanda and holly must fight one day. That’s an even matchup, instead of the cyborg fight, in which cyborg will come in 20 or more pounds heavier the next day.

    1. Eventually, but with her Cyborg fight at the end of the month, I doubt if she will be in any condition to fight much earlier than Rocky will in May. Unless Holly pulls off the upset of the year (decade?), Rocky is more qualified to fight for the BW title than is Holly, although given her long break from the fight game, both Rocky and Holly should have one more successful fight at 135 before they challenge for the title.

      1. A fight with cyborg is equivalent to not wearing a seatbelt while being in a 45 mph car crash. Or falling down 100 subway stairs.

        please listen to TJ Disantis poetically describe the difference between Ronda and Cyborg…let me know what you think >=-)

  2. It’s not often that I agree with Amanda but I do in this case. The problem is that there are so few alternatives available. Essentially, you have Evinger, who is not even ranked by WMMA Rankings in the top 10* and #1 ranked contender, Shevchenko, who was judged to have lost a very close but not very inspiring fight against Nunes earlier this year. Ketlen Vieira (9-0) could have been an option but she is fighting in March. Although Shevchenko has announced that she is dropping to 125, if another title shot at 135 was offered to her, I’m sure she’d opt for it instead.

    Just curious, it’s been over a year since Rocky has fought; Holm, Davis and Carmouche are all scheduled to fight at different weight classes; Rousey is essentially retired and Pena is out on pregnancy leave. Why are they still reflected in the BW top 10? It’sime to clear them out and make the list more reflective of current conditions. Hopefully we’ll see a big change in January.

    1. well said. They should be more aggressive updating the rankings. as soon as a girl is pregnant, off the charts she goes. When Ronda has no hint of returning, off she goes. Maybe more talent raids on invicta is the key here. I love invicta, but they need to grab some girls to fill out the 135 ranks

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