Amanda Cooper breaks silence following loss to much heavier Mackenzie Dern, releases heartfelt statement for the fans

Amanda “ABC” Cooper has finally broken her silence following a loss to Mackenzie Dern at the recent UFC 224 event.

“ABC” released a heartfelt statement for her fans via Instagram.

Strawweight contender Cooper (3-4) failed to take out the much heavier flyweight in Dern (7-0), finding herself victim of a first-round rear-naked choke submission. The 26-year-old TUF 23 standout did not taken part in any media interviews or post on social media in the days following the event, however on Tuesday night she finally broke her silence. “ABC” released a heartfelt post for the fans via Instagram, take a look below.

Today I did something that I’ve never in my life done before. It may seem so small to most people but to me it was an accomplishment. Most people that know me well, know how much I love my alone time, but I’m also a very social person. I live alone and believe that everyone in their lifetime at one point should live by them self. Being alone with your thoughts, your emotions and your fears in my opinion is a faster track to self improvement, self awareness and personal growth. So today I went to lunch by myself, something I have never done before. I don’t judge people for going to eat alone, the movies alone, etc, I more look up and admire them, it’s just something that I have never done. I sat eating lunch and watching the people around me, some out with their kids, some on a date, some just enjoying a good meal on a rainy day. Me on the other hand, I was there because i was sad and feeling sorry for myself. A lot of thoughts went through my mind, of course, Saturday night haunted me. UFC, main card, PPV, undefeated opponent, just a few of the things that 3 days ago meant everything to me. But today, after about 30 mins of fighting the urge to cry in public I decided to go through some of my messages and photos that I got over the week in Brazil. I finally started to cry, not because I was sad or because I was thinking of my fight, I cried because all of the photos in my phone. The bond, the support and the love that I got last week was unreal. I have the most amazing group of friends, family, teammates and fans, I am a lucky 26 year old girl. I get to travel the world with the people I love and inspire those around me with hard work, dedication and the love for this sport. So many personal thank yous I will do but for now I need to thank everyone, for the many years of love you have given me. If losing a fight is the worst day of my life, I live a pretty cool life.” Cooper said.

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  1. ABC should not have taken the fight as Dern was 7.5 lbs heavier and risk taking a loss, which she did. When it comes to contending for the title win / lost records matter. The fact that she lost on Saturday diminishes her record. So I would have flat out refused to fight Dern.

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