Amanda Cooper brands Mackenzie Dern “a disgrace to all professionals” for weighing in as a flyweight for strawweight bout

Amanda Cooper has branded Mackenzie Dern as a “disgrace to all professionals” after she missed weight for the pair’s strawweight contest scheduled to take place at tomorrow’s UFC 224 event.

Amanda Cooper unimpressed with Mackenzie Dern for missing weight by seven-pounds.

Cooper (3-3) was successful in her attempt to make weight, hitting the scales at 116-pounds. However, Dern (6-0) decided to weigh in as a flyweight, coming in at 123-pounds.

The 26-year-old, also known as “ABC”, reacted to the news that her opponent missed weight by almost an entire weight-class.

Not shocked Mackenzie Dern missed weight, but 7.4lbs over is a disgrace to all professionals. She’s not getting out of this fight that easy. Fight is still on. ABC Nation get ready. Strawweight vs. flyweight tomorrow night in Brazil.” Cooper wrote on her social media pages.

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UFC 224 takes place this Saturday 12 May from the Jeunesse Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The main card featuring Dern vs. Cooper will be aired live on pay-per-view from 10pm EST.



  1. Just wondering if Amanda Cooper was pressured into taking this fight by the UFC decision makers considering she is sitting at 3-3 and considering the whole debacle that happened to Leslie Smith.

  2. Looks like Dern has found a new way to game the weight system. As Dominic Cruz and Tyrone Woodley agreed on the UFC Weigh-in show, this had to be intentional. Dern forfeits part of her purse, but has a huge advantage for the win and the win bonus. The risk is that Cooper may not have taken the fight, but this was minimal due to her aggressive personality and for the reasons given by Rodney P above. I’m rooting for Amanda and the UFC should get its act together and crack down on weight class gaming the way it has cracked down on doping.

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