Amanda Bell talks camp change ahead of Bellator 233

Bellator featherweight Amanda “The Lady Killer” (6-6) Bell will face Janay “Hollowpoint” Harding (5-3) at Bellator 233 on Friday night, Bell’s fight camp shifted out east in Spokane, Washington as she says farewell to Animals MMA.

“This is an important and an emotion fight for me, as it will be my last fight with Animals MMA, and my first fight with Warrior Camp – passing down to a new coach and saying bye to an old one,” Bell said.

“Animals MMA has been a huge part of my career the past six years. A lot of things have change and it’s time for me to move on. I’m needing a larger team. Animal MMA has gotten very small, kind of downed sized.”

Coach Pablo Alfonso from Warrior Camp MMA will corner Bell, alongside Animals MMA’s Enoch Wilson and Tony Gracia from Industrial Strength Gym for the last time.

“The decision to move has been on my mind for a little bit,” Bell said. “I just didn’t know how to go about doing it. When you’re switching teams, it’s a very emotional thing to decide when you gotten close with the people around you. I’m looking for a new scene, I have lost my connection to Oregon in a lot of ways.”

Bell’s manager Jason Ellis has known Alfonso him since he was part of MMA Masters. She got acquainted with Warrior Camp MMA when their own Daniel Swain, who’s also managed by Ellis, recommended her to come out to Washington and meet the team.

The hardest part was having a sit-down with her current coach Wilson, unfolding her decision about relocating to Washington and joining Warrior Camp MMA.

“Enoch understands and he actually feels it’s going to be a good change for me. He’s happy for me, focused and ready as we all are working together,” Bell said. “They have been in contact with each other about my fight camp. Enoch has been telling him things about me and my mentality, because he knows me well.”

Bell faces Harding in a women’s featherweight undercard bout at Bellator 233. Prelims begin at 6:45 p.m. ET live on Paramount Network.

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