LFA 8: Alexa Conners VS Calie Cutler – Preview

Alexa Conners (3-1) Vs. Calie Cutler (5-4) Bantamweight (135lb’s) Preview (LFA 8)

Both fighters will be making their LFA Debut, and both are very entertaining fighters. Conners has really slick striking and is ultra aggressive, and she brawls really well. She hits HARD too. All the fights I’ve seen, she buckles her opponent’s knees if she lands directly(Watch Alexa Conners Vs. Stephanie Egger). She also had an inSANE KO of Allison Ainley in which Ainley dropped her hands, and got KO’d out…..COLD. Not sure if she’s alive to this day *shivers in fear of Conners Hand Power*.

But yeah, Conners hands are something to watch out for, and after her Invicta Fights, LFA is a PERFECT platform for her to advance her career, especially with LFA having a LOT more events this year.

To Showcase Alexa Conners KO Power Watch Here

(Credit to Andrew Stokes for the Upload)

Calie Cutler is a very exciting fighter to watxh as she’s very well-rounded. She doesn’t mind taking fights to the ground either being on top or defending herself off her back (Watch her really entertaining scrap with Lindsay Garbatt). She also packs quite a punch at Strawweight (115lb’s) as she BRUTALLY destroyed April Debois and BRUTALLY sinked in a RNC (Rear-Naked Choke).

Cutler has really good top control, and both gameplans from the fighters will be very interesting when they fight. Cutler knows Conners packs a punch and has dangerous stand-up, so will she try to take this to the ground? Could we see a new Alexa Conners in that she might take Cutler down?

The gameplans to both will be interesting when they fight, but I give the stand-up to Conners, and the ground-game to Cutler.

Watch Calie Cutler’s Scrap with Lindsay Garbatt Here


(Credit to Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting for The Upload)

Watch her Powerful hands as she buckles April Debois’s Knees Before BRUTALLY sinking in a Rear-Naked Choke

(Credit to Creative Universe for The Upload)

Although Cutler is a lot bigger at 115 and destroyed a much smaller opponent in the video above, it does showcase her brutal hands that has the potential to knock ANYone out.

As earlier stated, this fight will be very scrappy in that Cutler is very well-rounded, and is making her LFA Bantamweight Debut (She has fought 135,125, and 115), and so is Alexa Conners. I wouldn’t let Cutler’s Record fool you. She really brings it and really is a good test for Alexa Conners, and Alexa Conners is a good test for Calie Cutler too in terms of her stand-up.

Both of these fighters showcase BRUTAL hands that will drop one another if landed significantly, so this fight will be VERY interesting to see where it takes place, the ground or their feet?

You can catch this scrap on AXSTV (Formerly HDNet) on (4/7/17)! Both will bring it from the first round to the final, and if this article doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will, ahaha! I wish both luck, and am a fan of both :)! Whoever wins, I win and the fans do too :)!

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