6’5ft kickboxing champ Katya Kavaleva slams Gabi Garcia’s choice of opponent, calls fight “WWE event”, says Garcia “will have no chance” if the two fought

The 6’5ft kickboxing world champion Katya Kavaleva has slammed Gabi Garcia’s choice of opponent. Earlier it was announced Gabi Garcia would be returning to action on December 31st to face 52 year old retired pro-wrestler and MMA star Shinobu Kandori for Rizin FC. Speaking to us earlier today Kavaleva says she wanted the new years fight and hit out at the choice of opponent saying “We wanted this new years fight and they chose this lady who is 52 years old and even though she was a great champion this is more like a WWE event now and we wouldn’t surprised if Gabi losses to their Japanese legend.”

katya-kavaleva-2Kavaleva also says that Garcia would not be able to compete with her stand-up skills “Gabi is an incredible BJJ fighter and we respect her so much but her stand up is not at my level, if this fight stays on the feet she will have no chance against my size and striking ability. As far as ground game she is clearly the dominant favourite there but with my Blackzilians family and coach Neil Melanson, I truly believe my speed size striking and wrestling are far superior and this is why Rizin will not give me the fight

Katya believes if she was to meet Gabi, the fight should take place for UFC or Bellator “We believe that either Bellator or UFC is the place for this fight with a special one night weight class for us to show the world.”

Katya Kavaleva would certainly pose a huge challenge to the undefeated Gabi Garcia. Standing at 6’5”, this heavyweight fighter is a seasoned champion of Karate, Kickboxing and Taekwondo. In 2015 she won a gold medal at the World Kickboxing Championships. It certainly would have been a more intriguing fight to close out the year. She currently trains with top MMA team Blackzillians.

Do you agree with Katya Kavaleva’s thoughts on the “WWE event” ? Would you like to see her face off against Gabi Garcia at some point down the line? Let us know in the comments below.

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