Month: August 2018

What’s next for some of MMA’s most exciting prospects?

Each division in the UFC is currently blessed with at least one exciting prospect. These prospects, all with one or fewer fights in the promotion, have the potential to hone their skill sets, enlarge their followings, and climb the rankings.

When handling a prospect, the UFC is often torn between not pushing them too fast yet making the most of their potential and time. Below is a bright prospect from each division and a quality next opponent for them. Continue reading “What’s next for some of MMA’s most exciting prospects?”

Invicta FC 31’s Kay Hansen: Elite American Fighter

The first thing one will notice about Kay Hansen as she walks into the ring is the steel look in her eyes.  The second thing one might notice is her tattoo sleeve. A lot of fighters have a lot of tattoos but this one stands out. An homage to America, the tattoo starts with the American flag covering her entire shoulder; below, the statue of liberty wraps around her bicep, and below that, a helicopter hovering above the twin towers which runs down the length of her forearm to her wrist.  When Hansen walks to the cage, America walks with her.